A jazz musician, corporate manager, author and educator, Adrian Cho applies the concepts of jazz to everything he does. With more than twenty-five years in business in a variety of domains and disciplines and a parallel career in music, Adrian helps organizations improve performance by developing cultures that facilitate collaboration, innovation, and agility.

As part of the Cloud & Smarter Infrastructure brand in IBM’s Software Group, Adrian is helping to bring IBM’s service management products to the cloud through IBM Service Engage, a digital property that lets customers easily explore, try and buy IBM’s products. In previous roles in IBM’s Rational brand he was an evangelist for Continuous Delivery and DevOps, led a strategic initiative across IBM software group brands to improve engagement with technical practitioners at digital properties, managed a complex, globally distributed, agile software development project coordinating contributions from over four hundred people at twenty-five locations in ten countries, and managed intellectual property for IBM’s open source, Eclipse, and open commercial development, Jazz initiatives.

A band leader and innovative artistic collaborator, he performs as a bassist and conductor, is the founder and artistic director of the Ottawa Jazz Orchestra. He works frequently as a bandleader, bassist, arranger, and teacher of jazz history. Combining his experiences in arts and business, Adrian developed The Jazz Process, an execution-oriented framework for collaboration, innovation, and agility that can help teams in any domain improve their performance. Adrian speaks and blogs about high-performance teamwork on a regular basis. His book, The Jazz Process: Collaboration, Innovation and Agility, has been endorsed by a diverse collection of thought leaders. Reviewers have praised the book as “a huge payback for the time invested in reading it,” “a deep exploration of collaborative know-how,” “a concept of leadership and teamwork that’s well suited for the Google-age workplace” and “a top pick for any business collection!”

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