Looking for an awesome software developer!

I am looking for a skilled and experienced developer to collaborate with me on a new business opportunity to serve the arts community beginning with a local region and scaling up from there. The business is entirely cloud-based and has global potential but it’s a question of how far to take it.

I have all the core technology already working and need someone to help me make it easy to operate at scale and to help improve the user experience. You’d have to help me:

  1. Implement a solution to allow scaling and management of virtual servers (the server image is already built and in use and this is mostly a matter of automating provisioning and de-provisioning of servers based on user requests)
  2. Build some simple web pages that launch back-end tools so that users can manage their servers
  3. Work on some client-side code to make it easier for users to connect to their servers
  4. Help me operate the business which would potentially require the need for some other people depending on how far we want to scale things

This is a great growth opportunity with exciting community impact. In addition to technical skills and experience I’m looking for someone who is really easy to work with, highly motivated to solve problems, passionate about solving this particular problem (which I can describe in more detail), and interested in the idea of building a business out of this. To be clear, there’s immediate revenue opportunity and no long product cycle hinging on some long-shot deal.

All work could be done remotely although some in-person (socially distance) discussions might be helpful on occasion.

Anyone interested in this opportunity can initiate contact with me through the contact form on this site.


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